Over the last two years, SANPUD and partner organisations have provided the South African Police Service with Dignity and Diversity in Policing training.
STAND and SANPUD collaborate on a commemorative event in Cape Town in association with UNODC.
On 8th March, International Women’s Day, women with lived experiences of stigma and drug use will be celebrated with a #youarebeautiful event.
The findings of a 3-city survey on overdose occurence among the homeless and willingness to administer Naloxone has been published in Harm Reduction Journal.

Nothing about us, without us.

SANPUD is a registered non-profit organisation made up of member peer-led organisations that share a common purpose – to defend the rights of people who use drugs. We further seek to dismantle myths, hypocrisy and bad science that inform society’s understanding of drugs, their use, and the people who use them. 


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