The amazing Global Drug Survey has gathered data from survey participants for 10 years - but data from African nations is needed. Participate, and provide
On 7 December, the Love Alliance launched its Global Advocacy Strategy for 2022 to 2025 at the conclusion of International Conference on AIDS and STIs
We’re very proud to report that the FEMALIVE Commemorative Silent Walk on Friday 26th November in Cape Town was an unqualified success, and achieved it
The following story is taken from SANPUD Gauteng Regional Representative Koketso Mokubane's presentation on his personal journey of contracting viral Hepatitis (HCV), given during the
Recently the life of an opioid user in the City of Tshwane was saved by Naloxone following the new rollout of our team's training sessions

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SANPUD is a registered non-profit organisation made up of member peer-led organisations that share a common purpose – to defend the rights of people who use drugs. We further seek to dismantle myths, hypocrisy and bad science that inform society’s understanding of drugs, their use, and the people who use them. 


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