Africa’s Key Populations Sign Durban Declaration at ICASA2021

Durban Declaration ICASA 2021

Africa’s Key Populations Sign Durban Declaration at ICASA2021

As the 21st International Conference on AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Africa (ICASA) in Durban, South Africa comes to an end, so those key populations throughout the continent that are most affected by the policies and funding directed towards the eradication of HIV/AIDS by 2030 have come together on the sidelines of ICASA2021 to draft and sign the Durban Declaration.
Faced with the increasing likelihood that the UNAIDS goal of ‘ending AIDS by 2030‘ is unachievable under the present circumstances, over 100 organisations representing a wide spread of key populations from across Africa have signed the Durban Declaration.

In essence the Declaration is a wake-up call to governments, funders, the UN and private and public foundations that the needs of key populations are not being met, and that donors need to be more accountable, responsive and flexible in order to adapt to the evolving needs of the communities in Africa.

Sign The Durban Declaration!

We as the South African Network For People Who Use Drugs are a signatory to the Durban Declaration – and we invite any other organisations that represent key populations in Africa affected by AIDS to do the same.

We demand bold action, not empty promises!

To read the full Durban Declaration, and to sign, click the button below:

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