Global Drug Survey 2022 Launches


Global Drug Survey 2022 Launches

The amazing Global Drug Survey – which, for 10 years has gathered data from survey participants in order to create a realistic picture of drug use the world over – has been launched for 2022! And, whilst the global North is well-represented, data from African nations is patchy at best – but we can change that.
Global Drug Survey (GDS) runs the worlds biggest drug survey, and is an independent research company based in London. The organisation produce reports for global media, public health and corporate organisations, and uses its data and expertise to create digital health applications delivering screening and brief interventions for drugs and alcohol.

The organisation also creates free online harm reduction resources and anonymous, confidential self-assessment tools, as well as producing a range of drug education materials for health and legal professionals, the entertainment industry and the general public.

As this year’s survey is rolled out, we encourage any African-nation-based people who use drugs to participate by adding their input to the survey, because data from African countries is under-represented.

So, if you’re a person that uses drugs in Africa, please click the link below and fill out the Global Drug Survey – your input will go a long way to enabling funders, clinicians and harm reduction organisations understand the reality for drug users on the ground on the continent.

To help fill out the picture and to add your input, click the link below:

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