Income Generating Opportunity for Networks

SANPUD in conjunction with INPUD & Robert Carr Network will be holding an income generation opportunity for the PWUD Networks around South Africa. Named ‘Double Or Quits’, the competition is open to all SANPUD registered networks across all provinces. The aim is for the business to be self-sustaining and generate income to support the network and the network members. The income generating activity is for networks, and any money made from this business belongs to your network. SANPUD and its staff have no claim over any of the income that your network generates from this initiative.


People who use drugs (PWUD) are often highly stigmatized and face high levels of discrimination, restricting involvement in various opportunities which aimed at financial support, growth and upliftment.

Double Or Quits – How will it work?

All proposals, budgets, documents, supporting documents, photographs etc. are the responsibility of the successful network, and must be submitted to the SANPUD Change Facilitator & Project Manager, not the SANPUD region representative.

The Process:

  1. Complete the proposal form and budget template
  2. Submit these to the Change Facilitator and Project Manager along with:
    a. Copy of ID for two members managing the business
    b. Proof of bank account

SANPUD reviews each proposal and selects five for external review

  1. Submission of 5 proposals to external reviewers (representatives of INPUD and/or AfricaNPUD)
  2. External reviewers select 2 successful proposals
  3. The 2 networks with successful proposals will be notified by mid-July by SANPUD for processing
  4. If you do not hear back from SANPUD by 15 July 2021, please note that your application was not successful

What if your proposal is successful?

SANPUD will then provide start up funding to the successful networks to begin implementation, running and staffing of their business plan. After one month the network will be required to submit supporting documents to show that:

  • What the start-up funds were used for
  • Progress report
  • Photographs

Once documents are received, a second disbursement of 2500 will be paid to your network for continued running costs. By end August 2021, a final feedback report will need to be submitted along with all necessary supporting documents to show that the network was able to generate and income.

If all supporting documents have been submitted and a form of income can be shown, the network closest to doubling the initial 2500 received will receive a final award of R5000 to continue their business. The runner up will receive 2500 to continue their business.


This call for proposals is open to all registered networks of the South African Network of People Who Use Drugs (SANPUD).
Networks must comprise of at least two active members and be working with a community of people who use drugs (PWUD).
As part of the application process, two network members must be identified as points of contact and persons responsible for receiving the funding.
These individuals must be elected by the network members, who consent to one of the individuals receiving the funding into their bank account.
To facilitate the funding, one of the elected two individuals must have an active bank account into which the funding can be paid.
One or both network- selected members mustt be able to submit written reports, photographs, receipts etc. on time and with sufficient detail
Both individuals must have access to a phone and/or email account for communication and reporting submissions (photographs, invoices etc.)
No member of SANPUD staff may apply, either for the competition or on behalf of a network. All proposals submissions and supporting documents must be submitted to the SANPUD Change Facilitator


The total budget for the Double-or-Quits Programme per successful application is R5000.00. The amount will be release over the period 15 July 2021 to 15 August, in two instalments:

  1. the first installment of R2,500.00 will be released to the successful applicant on or before 15 July, 2021;
  2. the second installment of R2,500.00 will be released one month after the start date, pending submission of slips and a brief interim narrative report;

On receipt of both networks’ final reports, the documents and reports will be reviewed and the winner and runner up of the two awards will be announce.

An award of R5000 for the network closest to doubling the initial R2500 will be awarded R5000 and the runner up will be awarded R 2500 which will be released between 15 September and 30 September.

Timeline & Submissions

The Double-or-Quits Initiative is active for a 4-month period from June to October 2021. Applicants are advised to please take note of the following important dates:

  1. 4 June 2021 – Applications are open.
  2. 18 June 2021 – Proposal due date.
  3. 15 July 2021 – Successful applicants notified and R2,500.00 to be released.
  4. On or before 15 August 2021 – Mid-term narrative reports and purchase invoices are due. An installment of R2,500.00 will be released upon receipt of mid-term narrative report and purchase slips.
  5. On or before 01 September 2021 – Final reports and supporting documents are due.
  6. 15 September 2021 – Announcement of winner and runner up and Disbursement of award

Communication and submission will be done with SANPUD Change Facilitator and Project Manager. Not through region representatives.

Application process

Proposals are to be submitted by 17h00, Friday, 18 June 2021. Applications must be submitted by email to Precious Zaba, (SANPUD Change Facilitator), at, copying in MJ Stowe (SANPUD Project Manager) at

Please use ‘’Double-or-Quits” as the subject line of the submission email.

Applicants are required to complete and submit the following documents:

  1. Double-or-Quits application form (click the button below)
  2. ID copies of two people from network taking responsibility of this project
  3. Proof of bank account
  4. Double-or-Quits budget application form (click the button below)

Applicants are required to submit a written application that is structured according to the prescribed format of the proposal template. All supporting documents must be submitted as Microsoft Word or PDF documents.

SANPUD reserves the right to require additional materials or information from the applicants to confirm or clarify the information in the application form.

All questions can be directed to MJ Stowe by email at and Precious Zaba at

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