INPUD Annual Report 2020

INPUD‘s 2020 Annual Report has been released, and is a celebration of the incredible accomplishments of our network and the global community of people who use drugs over this past year.

Despite facing down unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, decreasing funding spaces and reactionary pushback on human rights, peers across the world stepped up in incredible and inspiring ways. INPUD’s work in 2020 was some of our most impactful yet, and we are so grateful to all of our members, donors and supporters who helped us achieve this incredible work.

Some of the highlights in the report include:
A summary of HIV2020 Online, a groundbreaking virtual conference which centered key population and community voices at the center of the agenda.
INPUD’s COVID-19 response and advocacy, including summaries of our peer-led research, small grants program and #PeersInThePandemic online campaign.
Technical support provided by INPUD to growing networks of people who use drugs across the world.
Global advocacy at the United Nations, Global Fund and other international forums.
INPUD publications from 2020, including our Taking Back What’s Ours documentary series.
Achievements by regional and national networks of people who use drugs.

Thank you again to the global community of drug user advocates who make all of INPUD’s work possible.

Read INPUD’s 2020 Annual Report here.

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