Love Alliance ‘Love Letters For Change’

Love Alliance ‘Love Letters For Change’

All too often, we don’t hear from those people who matter most. They are being criminalised, discriminated against, and pushed aside, because of who they are or what they do.

Therefore, on World Aids Day (1 December 2021) and at ICASA – the International Conference for AIDS & STIs which took place in Durban, South Africa, from 6th to 11th December, the Love Alliance gave a voice to those people who need to be heard from communities most at risk of HIV to changemakers wanting to make a change.

After all, it’s these communities more than anyone else, who know what works best for them. They should be given the space to make the change that they want to see.

To showcase these important voices, the Love Alliance has gathered love letter videos from communities all over the world. With the message ‘what love means to me…’, communities describe the world that they want to see and what politicians and funders should do to make that happen. 

You can view all of the Love Letters For Change videos here.

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