Nov 1st Is International Drug Users Day!

Nov 1st Is International Drug Users Day!

Stigma. Criminalisation. Incarceration. Discrimination. All of these are facts of life drug users, who have faced the fierce consequences of the War On Drugs which has raged across the world for decades – and yet, despite these consequences, they have persisted. Join us on November 1st, along with the the International Network For People Who Use Drugs, as we celebrate International Drug Users Day.

International Drug Users Day is a day where the global community of people who use drugs can come
together to affirm our rights, celebrate our history and reflect on our achievements.

INPUD was formally launched on International Drug Users Day twelve years ago, making this an important day for our network. This year INPUD is planning a one-day social media campaign centered on the #PowerOfPeers.

During the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen people who use drugs step up to meet the needs of our communities in spite of the criminalisation, stigma and discrimination we face every day. This reflects the historical resilience of our community, and we want to use this day to amplify these accomplishments with some great graphics highlighting five key peer achievements.

Here is how to participate in International Drug Users Day 2021:

  1. Download any number of the images in our Dropbox folder
  2. Share on your social media accounts (facebook, twitter, and/or instagram) and include

PowerOfPeers and #IDUD21 in your post

  1. If you would like, please share a personal story or thought in your post about what International
    Drug Users Day means to you
  2. Make sure to share and amplify other people’s posts so we can get #PowerOfPeers trending all day

Follow the INPUD accounts for a short video to share that is currently being created as well.
Unfortunately, for now, everything is only in English but we do encourage you to make posts in
your language. INPUD will also be publishing a statement on Monday which we will share through
all our social media accounts and on our website ( We would appreciate some shares on
that as well.

INPUD’s social media accounts can be found at:

• Facebook:
• Twitter: @INPUD
• Instagram: @inpud_official

Thank you so much for participating!

Any questions can be directed to

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