Research Policy

SANPUD will only conduct and support research if the community being researched has been meaningfully included in:

  • the design
  • the implementation
  • the analysis of the data
  • the reporting and dissemination of the results.

​​We encourage research that is relevant, inclusive, non-reductionist and considers multiple views of the topic of research.

Womxn who use drugs

SANPUD highlights the pervasive levels of violence against womxn in South Africa. We conduct research into the lived experience of womxn who use drugs and we will not sanitize of censor our findings. People need to be aware of the truth that people face every day, even if it makes others feel uncomfortable. Here are some of the projects we have implemented with partners.

“This report investigates the experiences of women who use drugs with access to harm reduction and health services in Durban, South Africa. In order to compile these experiences, a series of focus groups with women who use drugs in the city were convened by researchers from the South African Network of People who Use Drugs and Harm Reduction International. The participants were invited to share their experiences of harm reduction services and those factors that can prevent them from accessing them.”

Peer inclusion

Bridging the Gaps

“The International Network of People who Use Drugs, Mainline, King’s College London, AFEW International, the South African Network of People who Use Drugs, AFEW Kyrgystan and Rumah Cemarah are excited to share the results of a three year research programme exploring how community involvement impacts the quality and accessibility of harm reduction services for people who use drugs. This research, supported through the Bridging the Gaps II programme, was completed from 2018 through 2020 as part of a community-academic partnership across Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan and South Africa which were linked to a ‘rapid review’ of the literature on low and middle-income countries.”

UNODC & The Central Drug Authority

Ahead of the development of the National Drug Master Plan, SANPUD conducted dialogues between the Central Drug Authority and people who use drugs. The findings were used to inform the National Drug Master Plan 2019-2024.