Support, Don’t Punish Global Day of Action – June 26th

Support, Don’t Punish Global Day of Action – June 26th

Every year, on 26 June, the Support. Don’t Punish campaign mobilises in reaction to this violence and this loss, to build sustainable alternatives that end cycles of punishment and marginalisation, and rather advance our communities’ health, human rights and well-being.
50 years ago, the government of the United States launched a ‘war on drugs’ that would tragically define the decades to come.

This year, once again, we as SANPUD and in collaboration with Support, Don’t Punish will mobilise in solidarity with PWUD and social activists who wish to draw attention to the calamity that is the War On Drugs, on the same day that the UN celebrates its misplaced and ill-informed International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.

Because, together, our voices are louder, our collective message is stronger, and our capacity to make change is unstoppable!

To find out more about the global day of action, and the Support, Don’t Punish organisation, click here.

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