Taking a STAND on International Women’s Day

Taking a STAND on International Women’s Day

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Regional Southern Africa are participating in the observance of International Women’s Day in Cape Town, South Africa on Tuesday 08 March 2022 to showcase the progress and successes of two pilot projects.

A special briefing on two Pilot Projects activated by STAND and SANPUD, sponsored by UNODC will be showcased, both of which have the potential to change the landscape, in addressing Women in Conflict with the Law and Linking RURAL Women Who Use Drugs to HIV Testing, Sexual Reproductive Health Services and ongoing GBV support.

To present the Pilot Projects will be Stacey Doorly-Jones of STAND, and Julie MacDonnell, of SANPUD and TBHIV Care.

Women in South Africa who use drugs face increased stigmatization, vulnerability, and marginalisation, and are more susceptible to contracting HIV than their male counterparts.

Despite the increased risks women who use drugs face, they are under-represented in the research literature, and within relevant services. For women residing in the rural communities, these discrepancies are considerably more pronounce.

SANPUD and STAND would like to thank all participating partner organisations for their support.

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