SANPUD facilitated training

SANPUD is offering several training and presentation resources for networks, service providers and people interested in learning more about people who use drugs.

For all of these the basic content is free. If you would like additional bonus content, personalised feedback from the trainer and a certificate of completion, these are available at a nominal cost to help us defray expenses.

The courses will be available as on-line downloads, videos and there will be PowerPoint presentations and written resources to help you learn more about drugs, the people who use them, service delivery and evidence based responses to dependent drug use that are effective, compassionate and non-judgemental.

We will be releasing the courses regularly over the next few months, so please check back here regularly.

Our Trainer, Jos

Jos Luteijn, from JL Training Journeys, is an experienced international trainer in the field of social work. With a background working in psychiatric institutions, prisons and as an international trainer on harm reduction, he has learned to work under challenging circumstances.

After working with the Dutch police for the last two years, he recently moved to Cape Town, and is now working with us to assist local NGO’s prepare outreach workers for the difficult task they face. Spending time with outreach workers, Jos gathered information on the streets the experts in harm reduction, people who use drugs.

“The principle of Harm Reduction doesn’t change because of Covid. Even more, now is the time for harm reduction – we need to learn best practices and share this information’. For that reason, together with the outreach team, he has made videos following the work of the outreach workers. Together with SANPUD, Jos will support outreach workers during the lockdown by coaching them on the job, and by using online training.

When asked for one piece of advice for people on the frontline, Jos suggested: “Focus on your responsibilities and tasks, look at what you can do given the circumstances, and lead by example!”