Working In Drug Science – Free Online Event

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

About this event

Important: Due to limited capacity, you must register to attend this event.

As the new academic year begins, Drug Science welcomes students and non-students alike to an event designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the science of drugs, and how you can get involved. All talks will feature Q&A so that you can get fully engaged with the fascinating world of Drug Science.

You will learn about the medicalisation of both psychedelics and cannabis, from two of the biggest experts in these respective fields; Prof Jo Neill, and Prof Mike Barnes. We expect these industries to grow to tremendous size and want to prepare the next generation for a new economy of medicine and psychiatry.

We will then move onto the recreational use of drugs, and what the evidence says about drug use in society. This is a complex issue that has been plagued by misinformation, but here you’ll get the facts from two of world’s the most respected experts on drugs; Prof Alex Stevens and Prof David Nutt.

Each section will include talk from one of our Honorary Research Assistants, who began as student volunteers, and now work on some of the most exciting projects in Drug Science. They will explain the work that they have done, how they got involved, and how you too can be part of this exciting industry.

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